Nakshatras: Types, Details, Qualities, Attributes & Much More at AstroPush

Nakshatras: Types, Details, Qualities, Attributes & Much More

In Vedic astrology, there’s something interesting called “Nakshatras.” These are like groups of little stars or constellations that the moon travels through as it goes around the Earth. Your birth nakshatra, which is like your special star group, helps shape your personality and character. It works together with your moon sign, which tells us where the moon was present, when you were born. Nakshatras are sometimes called “Lunar Mansions” in English.

Now, let’s talk about how Vedic astrologers use these Nakshatras. They don’t just stop at zodiac signs; they also look at these lunar mansions to gain deeper insights into a person’s inherent characteristics and traits.

But that’s not all. Nakshatras have an important role in another division of astrology known as “Electional Astrology” or “Muhuratha.” Here, they help in figuring out the best times for important life events. Think of it as picking the right moment, time, day and date for something big like a wedding or starting a new venture.

In this blog, we’re going to take a deep dive into why nakshatras matter so much in Vedic astrology. We’ll also walk you through each of the 27 nakshatras, giving you a glimpse into the unique influence and qualities associated with each one. It’s like discovering a whole new layer of planetary guidance in the world of astrology.

Interested in diving deeper into the meaning of Nakshatras and learning insights about all 27 of them? You can either connect with our renowned astrologers through our website or the AstroPush App, or continue reading our blog for a complete study of each Nakshatra in the zodiac.

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What is a Nakshatra?

A Nakshatra is a term used in Indian astrology that’s made up of two words – “Naksha,” which means a map, and “Tara,” which means a star. So, when you put them together, it basically means “Mapping of the stars.” You can find its references back to ancient texts like the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda.

The meaning of Nakshatra is quite clear in Indian astrology. It refers to groups of stars or constellations that have an impact on a person’s life from the moment they are born, depending on where the moon is situated. In total, there are 27 Nakshatras. The names of these 27 Nakshatras were first recorded in the Vedanga Jyotisha.

Now, here’s how it works. As the Moon moves around and takes different positions in various Nakshatras, it impacts the zodiac signs of people born during those times. The Moon is the ruler of the Nakshatras and it takes nearly 28 days to move from one zodiac sign to another. Moreover, the Moon spends about a day in each Nakshatra and each one is roughly 13 degrees and 20 minutes long.

Delving Deeper: Nakshatra Padas and Planetary Influences

Let’s take a closer look at this arrangement. You see, each Nakshatra, those groups of stars we talked about earlier, gets divided into four smaller parts called “Padas.” These Padas are like divisions, and each one is about 3 degrees and 20 minutes wide. It’s like cutting a pizza into four equal slices.

Now, these Padas also have a connection with another division in astrology, which is the 9th part of a zodiac sign, known as “Navamsa.” It’s like cutting that pizza even more into nine pieces.

But there’s more! Each Nakshatra and its Padas aren’t just out on their own. They are influenced by specific planets. Think of it like each Nakshatra and Pada having their own special guides from the world of planets.

Furthermore, this entire setup is fascinating because it allows astrologers to delve deeply into a person’s life. Consequently, they can offer extremely detailed insights based on which Nakshatra, Pada, and planetary influence someone was born under. It’s akin to having a personalized planetary roadmap to comprehend a person’s journey in life.

Additionally, you can schedule a personalized consultation with our astrologers to delve deeper into the world of Nakshatras. Furthermore, by joining our online community, you can engage in discussions and exchange insights about this fascinating aspect of astrology.

Let’s break down the types of Nakshatras:

1. Godly Nakshatras:

People born under these Nakshatras are commonly kind and lucky in life.

They might, however, struggle with feelings of pride and power.

2. Human-like Nakshatras:

People born under these Nakshatras tend to work hard and aim for materialistic success.

While they are generally kind, they can sometimes be unforgiving and focused on their own interests.

3. Monstrous Nakshatras:

Those born under monstrous Nakshatras are often intuitive, strong-minded, and confident.

However, they may also have a leaning towards anger and violence.

Apart from these groups, Nakshatras can get even more specific. They can be further divided based on the zodiac sign they belong to and the planetary ruler they have. Each of the nine planets in Vedic astrology rules over three Nakshatras, starting with Ketu, who is the ruler of Ashwini, the first Nakshatra. This adds an extra layer of detail to understanding a person’s Nakshatra and its influence on their life.

Here’s a list of the 27 Nakshatras along with some key details about each one:

1. Ashwini:

Godly Nakshatra in Aries, ruled by Ketu, represented by a horse’s head.

2. Bharani:

Human-like Nakshatra in Venus, ruled by Venus, represented by the female sex organ.

3. Krittika:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Aries and Taurus, ruled by the Sun, represented by a knife or flame.

4. Rohini:

Human-like Nakshatra in Taurus, ruled by the Moon, represented by an oxcart or temple.

5. Mrigashira:

Godly Nakshatra in Taurus and Gemini, ruled by Mars, is represented by a deer’s head.

6. Ardra:

Human-like Nakshatra in Gemini, ruled by Rahu, represented by a human head or teardrop.

7. Punarvasu:

Godly Nakshatra in Gemini and Cancer, ruled by Jupiter, represented by a bow and quiver.

8. Pushya:

Godly Nakshatra in Cancer, ruled by Saturn, represented by a bow and quiver.

9. Ashlesha:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Cancer, ruled by Mercury, represented by a serpent.

10. Magha:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Leo, ruled by Ketu, represented by a palanquin or throne.

11. Purva phalguni:

Human-like Nakshatra in Leo, ruled by Venus, represented by a hammock.

12. Uttara phalguni:

Human-like Nakshatra in Leo and Virgo, ruled by the Sun, represented by a bed.

13. Hasta:

Godly Nakshatra in Virgo, ruled by the Moon, represented by a hand.

14. Chitra:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Virgo and Libra, ruled by Mars, represented by a pearl or jewel.

15. Swati:

Godly Nakshatra in Libra, ruled by Rahu, represented by a fresh blade of grass.

16. Vishakha:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Libra and Scorpio, ruled by Jupiter, represented by a potter’s wheel.

17. Anuradha:

Godly Nakshatra in Scorpio, ruled by Saturn, represented by a lotus flower.

18. Jyeshta:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Scorpio, ruled by Mercury, represented by an umbrella.

19. Mula:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Sagittarius, ruled by Ketu, represented by roots.

20. Purva shadha:

Human-like Nakshatra in Sagittarius, ruled by Venus, represented by a winnowing basket.

21. Uttara ashadha:

Human-like Nakshatra in Sagittarius and Capricorn, ruled by the Sun, represented by an elephant’s tusk.

22. Shravana:

Godly Nakshatra in Capricorn, ruled by the Moon, represented by an ear.

23. Dhanishta:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Capricorn and Aquarius, ruled by Mars, represented by a drum.

24. Shatabhisha:

Monstrous Nakshatra in Aquarius, ruled by Rahu, represented by an empty circle.

25. Purva Bhadrapada:

Human-like Nakshatra in Aquarius and Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, represented by a funeral bed.

26. Uttara Bhadrapada:

Human-like Nakshatra in Pisces, ruled by Saturn, represented by a snake.

27. Revati:

Godly Nakshatra in Pisces, ruled by Mercury, represented by a fish.

Details of all 27 Nakshatras, including their Deity, Lord, Color, and Astronomical Name:

1. Ashwini

Deity: Ashwini Kumara

Lord: Ketu

Color: Blood red

Gemstone: Cat’s Eye (red)

2. Bharani

Deity: Yama

Lord: Venus

Color: Blood red

Gemstone: Diamond

3. Krittika

Deity: Agni

Lord: Sun

Color: White

Gemstone: Ruby

4. Rohini

Deity: Brahma

Lord: Moon

Color: White

Gemstone: Natural Pearl

5. Mrigashirsha

Deity: Chandra

Lord: Mars

Color: Silver Grey

Gemstone: Red Coral

6. Ardra

Deity: Rudra

Lord: Rahu

Color: Green

Gemstone: Gomedh 

7. Punarvasu

Deity: Aditya

Lord: Jupiter

Color: Lead

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire

8. Pushya

Deity: Brihaspathi

Lord: Saturn

Color: Black mixed with red

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

9. Ashlesha

Deity: Nagas

Lord: Mercury

Color: Black mixed with red

Gemstone: Emerald

10. Magha

Deity: Pithras

Lord: Ketu

Color: Ivory or cream

Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

11. Purva phalguni

Deity: Bhaga

Lord: Venus

Color: Light brown

Gemstone: Diamond

12. Uttara phalguni

Deity: Aryaman

Lord: Sun

Color: Bright blue

Gemstone: Ruby

13. Hasta

Deity: Aditya

Lord: Moon

Color: Deep green

Gemstone: Natural Pearl

14. Chitra

Deity: Tvashtav

Lord: Mars

Color: Black

Gemstone: Red Coral

15. Swati

Deity: Vayu

Lord: Rahu

Color: Black

Gemstone: Gomedh

16. Vishakha

Deity: Indra-Agni

Lord: Jupiter

Color: Golden

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire

17. Anuradha

Deity: Mitra

Lord: Saturn

Color: Reddish brown

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

18. Jyeshta

Deity: Indra

Lord: Mercury

Color: Cream

Gemstone: Emerald

19. Mula

Deity: Nirrti

Lord: Ketu

Color: Brownish yellow

Gemstone: Cat’s Eye

20. Purva shadha

Deity: Jal

Lord: Venus

Color: Black

Gemstone: Diamond

21. Uttara shadha

Deity: Vishva Deva

Lord: Sun

Color: Copper

Gemstone: Ruby

22. Shravana

Deity: Vishnu

Lord: Moon

Color: Light blue

Gemstone: Natural Pearl

23. Dhanishtha

Deity: Ashta vasav

Lord: Mars

Color: Silver Grey

Gemstone: Red Coral

24. Shatbhisha

Deity: Varuna

Lord: Rahu

Color: Aquamarine

Gemstone: Gomedh

25. Poorva bhadrapada

Deity: Ajaikapat

Lord: Jupiter

Color: Silver grey

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire

26. Uttara bhadrapada

Deity: Ahir Budhanya

Lord: Saturn

Color: Purple

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

27. Revati

Deity: Pooshvav

Lord: Mercury

Color: Brown

Gemstone: Emerald

Qualities and Positive activities for different Nakshatras:

Stable Nakshatras:

First of all, Rohini, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashadha, and Uttara Bhadrapada are steady Nakshatras. Additionally, they’re good for long-term activities like buying a home or planting trees. Moreover, these qualities are even stronger when they happen on a Sunday.

Moving Nakshatras:

Firstly, Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishtha, and Shatabhisha are moving Nakshatras. Additionally, they’re great for journeys and buying vehicles. Moreover, these qualities are emphasized when they match with Monday.

Fierce Nakshatras:

Firstly, Bharani, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashadha, and Purva Bhadrapada are fierce Nakshatras. Moreover, they’re appropriate for tasks requiring force or dealing with challenges. Additionally, these qualities are better on Tuesday.

Quick Nakshatras:

Additionally, Ashwini, Pushya, and Hasta are quick Nakshatras. Furthermore, they’re favorable for activities like business transactions, admissions, travel, and loans. Moreover, these qualities shine on Thursday.

Soft Nakshatras:

Additionally, Mrigashira, Chitra, Anuradha, and Revati are soft Nakshatras. Consequently, they’re great for enjoyment, arts, and creative hobbies like dancing, writing poetry, or drama. Notably, these qualities stand out on Friday.

Sharp Nakshatras:

Additionally, Ardra, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Mula are sharp Nakshatras. Consequently, they’re suitable for powerful activities like exorcism, dealing with demons, divorce, or punishment. Moreover, these qualities are noticeable on Saturday.

Mixed Nakshatras:

Krittika and Vishakha are mixed Nakshatras. They’re favorable for fire ceremonies, buying electronics or furniture, and such activities. These qualities are better when they match with Wednesday.

Nakshatras: Exploring Zodiac Sign Questions Through Celestial Insights at AstroPush.

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In conclusion, Nakshatras, or lunar constellations, play a significant role in Vedic astrology, offering insights into personality traits, compatibility, and life events. Understanding the influence of Nakshatras can enrich our lives and help us navigate our paths with greater clarity.

At AstroPush, we recognize the importance of Nakshatras in astrology and offer a range of services to support your astrological journey. Whether you’re seeking guidance on Nakshatras or other astrological matters, you can talk to astrologers for services like, free Kundli and horoscopes, Kundli matching, numerology, panchang, and more, our platform is here to assist you. Chat with Astrologers anytime through our website or chat platform to explore the depths of Nakshatras and unlock the wisdom they hold for you.

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Can I know my Nakshatra using my birth date?

Answer: Yes, it is. Nakshatra, also known as the Birth Star or Janma nakshatra, is an essential feature of Indian Vedic astrology. Although there are 28 nakshatras, calculations involve 27 of them. By providing your precise birth date, time, and location, astrologers can help you discover your nakshatra along with other astrological details.

Which nakshatra is king?

Answer: Moreover, Pushya is associated with nurturing and growth. Additionally, those born under Pushya are believed to be deeply connected to their intuition. Furthermore, they are known for their strong sense of responsibility and dedication. In conclusion, Pushya is a Nakshatra that is highly revered for its positive and nurturing qualities. 

Which Nakshatra is happy?

Answer: The Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra falls between 3 degrees 20 minutes and 16 degrees 40 minutes in the Pisces zodiac sign. People born under this Nakshatra are generally cheerful, good at talking, fond of children, and known for their honesty.

Which Rashi people become rich?

Answer: Among the Rashis, Libra is often associated with being the richest, and many of the world’s billionaires fall under this sign. Other lucky signs when it comes to money and wealth include Pisces, Aries, and Taurus.

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