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The Kundli chart is a detailed representation of the position of planets at the time of your birth. It is used to interpret the various aspects of your life, such as career, relationships, health, and finances. With a free Kundli online service you can get your detailed birth chart with predictions about your life path and future.

The Kundli chart is divided into 12 houses which represent different aspects of life such as love, career, marriage etc. Each house has its own set of astrological symbols which signify different things. By understanding these symbols and their meanings you can gain insight into how these forces will affect your life path in the future. With a free Kundli online service you can get an interpretation of these symbols and understand what they mean for you in terms of your future prospects.

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Free Kundli Services Unlocked on AstroPush

AstroPush Online Astrology has a free tool called Free Kundli. It's made by expert astrologers at AstroPush, so it's accurate and easy to use. Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is a Kundli and why is it useful? Well, a Kundli is like a personalized astrological chart that contains information about the positions of planetary bodies at the time of your birth. It helps you understand yourself and others better. You can also get an understanding of your Kundli by generating a Free Kundli Online By Date of Birth and Time at AstroPush.

With a Kundli, you can learn about personality traits and strengths. For example, if you want to get along better with someone, like your partner, you can use their Kundli to see where you match and where you might need to work on things. If you're a parent, a child's Kundli can help you understand them more and be a better parent. And for couples, comparing Kundlis can make your relationship stronger.

Understanding the Significance of the 12 Houses in Free Kundli Analysis

A Kundli, also known as a birth chart, is a profound representation that encompasses 12 distinct houses. First of all, each of these houses holds the key to unveiling intricate details and insights into various aspects of an individual's life journey. Additionally, the significance of these houses extends beyond mere symbolism; they serve as windows into the complexities that shape a person's existence. Furthermore, from physical attributes to personal interests and defining characteristics, the 12 houses collectively form a comprehensive tapestry that paints a vivid picture of an individual's destiny.

Delving into the realms of these houses reveals a rich tapestry of meanings:

  • First House: This house encapsulates the essence of one's being – physical attributes, temperament, and self-identity.
  • Second House: The realm of wealth, resources, family, and primary education comes under the watchful gaze of this house..
  • Third House: Communication skills, interactions with younger siblings, hobbies, and efforts find their home here.
  • Fourth House: A sanctuary of emotions, this house governs matters of home, motherhood, property, and vehicles.
  • Fifth House: The abode of creativity, higher education, love affairs, progeny, and the echoes of past experiences resonates within.
  • Sixth House: This house is where the battles against disease, profession, advocacy, and debt are waged.
  • Seventh House: The domain of partnerships, be it marriage or business, along with public image and import-export activities, finds its anchor here.
  • Eighth House: Secrets, longevity, unexpected occurrences, and research all unfold within the realms of this house.
  • Ninth House: The pilgrimage of belief systems, higher education, fortune, long journeys, and mentorship embarks from this house.
  • Tenth House: The zenith of one's journey, it governs careers, actions, professions, and the shaping of destiny.
  • Eleventh House: AllThis house oversees the pursuit of aspirations, the accumulation of gains, and relationships with elder siblings.
  • Twelfth House: The curtain falls on this cosmic stage with matters of spiritual growth, losses, and the intricate web of expenses.

Take Control of Your Destiny: Free Kundli Just a Click Away

Welcome to the AstroPush- Online Astrology Platform. Additionally, you can easily access your Free Janam Kundli or Kundli Services through the user-friendly AstroPush Website and the AstroPush Mobile App. Moreover, it's like a special map of your life, called a Janam Kundli or Kundli, available at your fingertips.

This Free Online Kundli holds secrets about your personality, past, present, and future, all accessible through the AstroPush Website and Mobile App. It's a bit like a treasure map, but it's all about you! So, if you're curious about what the stars and planets say about your life, come on in, and let's explore together through our Online Kundli Services on the AstroPush Website and the AstroPush Mobile App!

Hindu Name Calculator

AstroPush knows how important names are, and we have a simple online tool that can help you find the right name. This tool looks at the position of the Moon when you were born, which is called your Nakshatra. Our name calculator software analyzes your birthdate, time, and other astrological information to suggest name letters.

You can use these letters to pick a name for your baby or even consider changing your own name. This could bring you more success and strength in life. So, whether it's for your child or yourself, our tool helps you find astrology-based names based on birthdates or zodiac signs.

Birth Star Calculator

Additionally, AstroPush offers a detailed analysis of your birth star and its significance in your life. Furthermore, you can also learn about the characteristics and traits associated with your birth star. In addition, the Birth Star Calculator provides personalized predictions and recommendations based on your Nakshatra. Moreover, you can access this valuable information anytime and anywhere, making it a useful tool for your spiritual journey.

This Nakshatra calculator is user-friendly and provides accurate results when you input your birthdate and time. Understanding your Nakshatra or birth star can offer valuable insights into your personality and life path. So, whether you're curious about your own Nakshatra or wish to explore someone else's, visit the AstroPush website or mobile app, and use our Birth Star Calculator to unveil the celestial secrets within.

Moon Sign Calculator:

The Moon Sign Calculator is designed to help you explore your emotional world and inner self. Additionally, it determines your Moon sign by considering the position of the Moon at the precise moment of your birth.

AstroPush is dedicated to simplifying the world of astrology, allowing you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you're curious about your Moon sign, Sun sign, or both, you can rely on our website and mobile app to provide you with valuable astrological insights.

Sun Sign Calculator:

If you're interested in learning about your basic personality traits, the Sun Sign Calculator is what you need. Additionally, it determines your Sun sign based on your birthdate.

Furthermore, your Sun sign gives you insights into your core characteristics and what life might have in store for you.

Moreover, AstroPush is dedicated to simplifying the world of astrology, allowing you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you're curious about your Moon sign, Sun sign, or both, you can rely on our website and mobile app to provide you with valuable astrological insights.

Mangal Dosha Calculator:

Discover the influence of Mangal or Mars in your Kundli with our Mangal Dosha Calculator, accessible on both the AstroPush Website and the AstroPush Mobile App.

Mangal Dosha, also known as Mars Dosha, can impact your relationships and life events. By entering your birth details, you can uncover whether you have this Dosha and understand its significance in your life.

Janam Lagan Calculator:

Additionally, you can utilize AstroPush's Janam Lagan Calculator on our website or app to uncover your outer personality and how you interact with the world. Furthermore, this tool is vital in Vedic astrology for predicting your future and understanding your physical traits.

Moreover, simply enter your birth details to find your Janam Lagan, which shows the sign governing your personality and your physical qualities. In addition, our calculator makes it easy to figure this out, giving you insights into your true self and horoscope.

Houses in Free Kundli:

AstroPush is all about making astrology easy to understand. In your Kundli, there are special sections called "Houses." These Houses are like different parts of your life, such as your relationships, career, and money.

When you check your Kundli on the AstroPush Website or App It's like having a roadmap for different areas of your life.

The Rashis in the Janam Free Kundli:

1. मेष राशि (Aries)
  • Characteristics: Energetic and adventurous.
  • Favorable: Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Unfavorable: Cancer and Capricorn.
2. वृषभ राशि (Taurus)
  • Characteristics:Reliable and practical.
  • Favorabl:Virgo and Capricorn.
  • Unfavorable: Leo and Aquarius.
3. मिथुन राशि (Gemini)
  • Characteristics: Communicative and adaptable.
  • Favorable: Libra and Aquarius.
  • Unfavorable: Pisces and Virgo.

4. कर्कट राशि (Cancer):

  • Characteristics: Nurturing and emotional.
  • Favorable: Scorpio and Pisces.
  • Unfavorable: Aries and Libra.
5. सिंह राशि (Leo)
  • Characteristics: Confident and charismatic.
  • Favorable: Aries and Sagittarius.
  • Unfavorable: Taurus and Scorpio.
6. कन्या राशि (Virgo)
  • Characteristics: Detail-oriented and practical.
  • Favorable: Taurus and Capricorn.
  • Unfavorable: Gemini and Sagittarius.
7. तुला राशि (Libra)
  • Characteristics: Charming and diplomatic.
  • Favorable: Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Unfavorable: Cancer and Capricorn.
8. वृश्चिक राशि (Scorpio)
  • Characteristics: Determined and intense.
  • Favorable: Cancer and Pisces.
  • Unfavorable: Leo and Aquarius.
9. धनु राशि (Sagittarius)
  • Characteristics: Optimistic and adventurous.
  • Favorable: Aries and Leo.
  • Unfavorable: Virgo and Pisces.
10. मकर राशि (Capricorn)
  • Characteristics: Responsible and disciplined.
  • Favorable: Taurus and Virgo
  • Unfavorable: Aries and Libra.
11. कुम्भ राशि (Aquarius)
  • Characteristics: Innovative and humanitarian.
  • Favorable: Gemini and Libra.
  • Unfavorable: Taurus and Scorpio.
12. मीन राशि (Pisces)
  • Characteristics: Compassionate and artistic.
  • Favorable: Cancer and Scorpio.
  • Unfavorable: Leo and Capricorn.

The Free Kundli Profound Influence on Self, Relationships, and Beyond:

The Kundli, also known as the birth chart or horoscope, emerges as a dynamic guide that holds significant sway over multiple aspects of an individual's life journey. It delves into the intricacies of existence, shedding light on various dimensions and influencing decision-making across diverse realms.

Here's a closer look at the profound role of the Kundli in different facets of life:

1. Self-Discovery and Personality Insights:

Firstly, the Kundli serves as an introspective mirror, reflecting the intricate tapestry of one's personality. Additionally, analyzing planetary placements unravels the threads of inherent traits, behaviors, and strengths. Furthermore, this self-revelation empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves and navigate life with greater self-awareness.

2. Career Path and Vocational Inclinations:

Within the realm of career, the Kundli unveils vocational inclinations and preferences. Additionally, it acts as a compass, guiding individuals toward making informed decisions about their professional paths. Furthermore, the alignment of planets and signs in specific houses can provide valuable indications about suitable career choices and avenues for success.

3. Relationships and Compatibility:

The Kundli is a powerful tool for assessing compatibility in various relationships, including partnerships, friendships, and romantic connections. Moreover, by comparing and contrasting birth charts, astrologers can offer valuable insights into the dynamics of relationships, helping individuals foster and maintain harmonious connections with others

4. Marriage and Family Choices:

In the context of marriage and family life, the Kundli offers a profound resource. Not only does it unveil the compatibility between potential life partners, but it also guides individuals in making well-informed decisions about life's most significant alliances. As a result, this celestial insight paves the way for marital harmony and familial bliss.

5. Health Insights and Well-Being:

Additionally, astrologers can provide insights into potential health challenges and recommend lifestyle adjustments. Furthermore, they can offer advice on incorporating holistic practices into daily routines. Consequently, individuals can proactively manage their health and improve their overall well-being.

6. Financial Prospects and Wealth Accumulation:

Additionally, through the lens of planetary positions, the Kundli provides insights into financial prospects and wealth accumulation. Furthermore, by analyzing the celestial configurations related to finances, individuals can make informed choices regarding investments, financial planning, and prudent resource management.

7. Education and Academic Pursuits:

Moreover, the Kundli can serve as a guiding beacon in matters of education and learning. It highlights areas of interest, potential academic strengths, and suitable educational paths. This assists individuals in making well-informed decisions about higher education and areas of specialization.

8. Spiritual Growth and Inner Exploration:

Beyond worldly matters, the Kundli also offers insights into an individual's spiritual inclinations and potential paths of spiritual growth. It guides individuals in their quest for higher understanding, inner fulfillment, and enlightenment.

9. Navigating Challenges and Embracing Opportunities:

Additionally, the Kundli can offer guidance during challenging times, offering solace and encouragement. Moreover, it can serve as a roadmap for personal development and self-discovery, aiding individuals in understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

10. Timings and Life Phases:

Furthermore, it can assist in identifying opportunities for personal and professional advancement, allowing individuals to make informed choices and take proactive steps toward their goals.


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Additionally, Janam Kundli provides insight into your personality, strengths, and potential challenges. Furthermore, it allows astrologers to interpret how the planetary positions at the time of your birth may influence your future. Consequently, Janam Kundli is considered a valuable tool for understanding oneself and navigating life's journey.

To find out your Dasha in Kundli, astrologers use your birth chart and calculate the current planetary period. This period affects different parts of your life at different times, and it's determined based on where the Moon was when you were born.

The Navamsa Chart is like a mini-chart inside your Kundli. It divides each zodiac sign into nine parts and helps astrologers understand your inner self, especially regarding marriage and relationships. It provides detailed insights into your life journey.