Unlocking the Secrets of Moles in Astrology

Do you have moles on different parts of your body? Have you ever wondered about their significance or if they hold any deeper meaning? In astrology, moles play a significant role in revealing personality traits. These traits depend on the position, size, and shape of the mole. Let's explore the meaning and significance of moles in astrology and how they can influence an individual's life.

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Know the Significance of Moles In Astrology

Mole astrology defines the past karma of the person, whether good or bad. It reflects the actions, personality and behaviour of the individual. Along with this, the mole on an individual’s body also tells about their personality traits and behavioural characteristics. They tend to give us insights about the life of the individual, including their behaviour, wealth and much more. The til on the body in english is known as moles. The til body has several superstitions revolving around them based on its size, shape and colour.

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Relationship Between Moles and Astrology

Can tiny beauty spots on a person’s body reveal their past, present, and future? According to mole astrology, the answer is yes. Different types of moles can provide insights into an individual's life, including their destiny.

Mole astrology, rooted in the ancient practice of Samudrika Shastra, interprets personality and aura by examining moles. The position, size, and shape of a mole play crucial roles in determining personality traits. Astrologers believe that moles reflect planetary positions and develop while in the mother's womb.

Moles are categorized based on three factors: shape, size, and color, each offering unique insights into an individual’s character and fate. The effects and significance of moles vary according to these factors, influencing a person's destiny much like their astrological chart.

Additionally, the location of the mole on the body holds specific meanings. For instance, a mole on the lips is considered lucky, while one on the ear is not. To discover what your moles reveal about you, read on.


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