Dasha - Period of a Dominant Planet

Humans like being prepared for anything and everything that is happening or going to happen in their life. This is why we humans want to know about the upcoming events in our lives. A child is a very special gift for any parent, and parents often go to extreme lengths to get the best for their children and protect them from any evil eye, preventing them from encountering any unfortunate events. Thus, as soon as a baby is born, parents get their child's kundali made to see what the future holds for their child. The primary reason for this is that parents want to glimpse their child's future, and another reason is that if there is a possibility of any unfortunate event, they can prevent it by following some remedies.

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A kundali has many parts which combine to tell us about the future of an individual. It also helps us to know the personality traits and behavioural characteristics that an individual has. One such part happens to be Dasha. Dasha typically means a period of time where one planet has power in an individual's life. The time periods of different Dashas vary from planet to planet. For instance, 'Shani ki Sadesaati' refers to the Dasha of Shani or planet Saturn, which lasts for seven and a half years. Depending on the planet and its influence, an individual can either experience the best of life or fall into the depths of despair. However, remedies are available to help prevent negative and unfortunate outcomes.

If you want to know more about the types of Dasha in astrology, their significance and importance, and how each planet's Dasha affects an individual's life, then read the entire article to satisfy your curiosity. 

Dasha Astrology - Its Significance and Importance

Dasha, meaning "period," refers to a time frame in astrology ruled by a specific planet. In an individual's life, there is always a Dasha in effect; when one ends, another begins. The balance of a Dasha relates to an individual’s previous life, representing the Dasha in which they died.

The term 'Dasha' originates from Sanskrit and signifies a planetary period in astrology. To know which Dasha is currently active in your life, consult a pandit or visit AstroPush's website or app for free information.

The effects of a planet during its Dasha depend on several factors:

  • Stithi (Position)
    House (Bhava)
    Conjunction (Yuti)
    View or Drishti (Aspect)

These aspects influence the positive or negative effects of a planet during its Dasha, based on its location in an individual’s birth chart. The position of a planet in its own house generally brings positive outcomes, while its placement in an enemy's house can cause ill effects.

There are many types of Dashas in astrology. Parashara mentions 42 kinds of Dashas. For instance, 'Poorna Dasha' occurs when a planet is at full power, while 'Rikta Dasha' occurs when a planet has no power. Nine planets rule these Dashas, each affecting individuals differently.

To explore the various types of Dashas and their unique influences, read on.

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Planets and Their Mahadasha

Curious about which Mahadasha is beneficial or challenging? Here's a brief overview of the Mahadasha of each planet and its effects on an individual.

Planet Sun
The Sun, a source of light, heat, and energy, symbolizes self-centrism, power, ego, and confidence in astrology. The Sun's Mahadasha lasts for six years, during which individuals may feel like royalty, experiencing prosperity and unexpected wealth.

Planet Jupiter
Jupiter, the largest planet, is considered a guru in astrology, bringing luck and fortune. Its Mahadasha brings wealth, happiness, and favorable outcomes, enhancing both general and marital life, and inclining individuals towards spirituality.

Planet Moon
The Moon is associated with beauty, ego, confidence, and wisdom. Its Mahadasha, lasting ten years, boosts cognitive abilities, artistic and creative talents, but may also bring physical ailments. It fosters a desire for knowledge and learning.

Planet Saturn
Saturn is known for righteousness, promoting justice and integrity even at personal costs. During its Mahadasha, individuals experience significant monetary gains and character development, with unexpected sources of income.

Planet Ketu
Ketu, often considered malefic, brings mixed outcomes. Its Mahadasha can lead to good income and luxury but may also cause physical issues and warn against untrustworthy associations that could lead to downfall.

Planet Rahu
Rahu, another malefic planet, bestows ruling power and potential for a government career during its Mahadasha. However, it can also bring losses, both financial and personal, such as the loss of loved ones.

Planet Venus
Venus, the planet of love, influences a pleasurable life with interests in art and culture during its Mahadasha. However, it can also cause disharmony at home, leading to conflicts with family members.

Planet Mars
Mars represents passion and power. Its Mahadasha brings good health and wealth but may also lead to bodily issues and sudden career setbacks.

Planet Mercury
Mercury's Mahadasha fosters a deep interest in politics and diplomacy, with potential career success in these areas. However, it can also lead to dishonor and health issues affecting the gut and abdomen.


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