Shani Jayanti 2024: Date, Mahurat, and Much More

Shani Jayanti 2024: Date, Mahurat, and Much More

Shani Jayanti is a significant day in Hindu astrology and tradition. It celebrates the birth of Lord Shani, one of the most powerful deities in Hindu mythology. Shani is known for his impact on people’s lives and his influence on our karmic journey. Observing Shani Jayanti with devotion can lead to blessings and a smoother path through life’s challenges. Shani Jayanti 2024 will be celebrated on 6th June. Let’s dive deeper into the date, mahurat, and the various traditions surrounding this day.

Date of Shani Jayanti 2024

According to the Vedic calendar, Shani Jayanti 2024 will be celebrated on Thursday, June 6th. The Amavasya date of Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month starts at 7:54 pm on Wednesday, June 5th, and ends at 6:07 pm the next day, Thursday, June 6th. This marks a significant day to worship Lord Shani and seek his blessings.

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History of Shani Jayanti

The history of Shani Jayanti 2024 goes back to Hindu stories and traditions. Lord Shani is the son of the Sun God Surya and his second wife, Chhaya. Consequently, he was born on the new moon day in the Jyeshtha month, making this day his birthday. Additionally, as a child, Shani showed strong qualities and a disciplined approach to life. Therefore, people celebrate his birth on Shani Jayanti 2024 and honor his powerful influence on their lives.

In Hindu culture, Lord Shani guides people through the concept of karma and is known for his sense of justice. Additionally, his influence on an individual’s life can be significant, both challenging and rewarding. Therefore, by celebrating Shani Jayanti 2024, people pay respect to Lord Shani and seek his blessings to manage life’s difficulties and hardships. Additionally, observing this day helps people balance their actions and receive Shani’s protection and grace.


Shani Jayanti is a day of great importance for devotees because it celebrates the birth of Lord Shani, a powerful deity who influences people’s lives. Furthermore, Lord Shani is known for his role in delivering justice and overseeing karma, the idea that our actions have consequences. Observing Shani Jayanti 2024 allows people to honor Lord Shani and seek his blessings for protection and balance. By showing respect to Shani, devotees believe they can reduce negative influences in their lives and invite prosperity and success.

Moreover, Shani Jayanti is also a day for reflection and spiritual growth. Furthermore, devotees spend time praying and making offerings to Lord Shani, asking for guidance and help in overcoming obstacles. Additionally, by acknowledging Shani’s presence in their lives, they aim to improve their circumstances and align themselves with the path of righteousness. Consequently, observing Shani Jayanti 2024 can bring peace and calmness to one’s life, along with the strength to face life’s challenges.

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Celebrations of Shani Jayanti

On Shani Jayanti, people across India celebrate the day with devotion and dedication. Devotees visit Shani temples to offer prayers and seek Lord Shani’s blessings for protection and prosperity. People perform special rituals, such as offering black sesame seeds, black clothes, and mustard oil, to honor Lord Shani. They often decorate the temples with lights and flowers, creating a festive atmosphere for worship.

Many devotees observe fasting on Shani Jayanti 2024 as a way to show their reverence and commitment. Some people choose to consume only one meal on the day, while others avoid eating certain foods. Chanting mantras and singing hymns dedicated to Lord Shani are common practices. These activities help devotees connect with Shani’s energy and invite his grace into their lives.

Traditions and Rituals of Shani Jayanti

On Shani Jayanti, devotees honor Lord Shani by participating in various traditions and rituals. These practices help individuals connect with the deity and seek his blessings for a harmonious and successful life. Here are 10 key traditions and rituals observed on Shani Jayanti 2024:

  1. Temple Visits: Devotees visit Shani temples to offer prayers and seek Lord Shani’s grace. Temples are adorned with decorations and filled with the sounds of chanting and hymns.
  2. Puja Offerings: During puja ceremonies, people make special offerings such as black sesame seeds, black clothes, and mustard oil to Lord Shani. They believe these offerings please the deity.
  3. Fasting: Observing fasts is a common practice on Shani Jayanti 2024. Devotees may abstain from food or consume only one meal during the day as a sign of respect.
  4. Chanting Mantras: Additionally, reciting mantras dedicated to Lord Shani helps invoke his blessings and brings peace and protection. Chanting mantras can be done individually or in groups.
  5. Reading Holy Texts: Reading sacred texts like the Shani Stotra or Shani Chalisa is another way to honor the deity. This practice brings a sense of calm and devotion.
  6. Donations and Almsgiving: On Shani Jayanti 2024, people consider it auspicious to give to the less fortunate by offering food, clothes, and money. They believe these acts earn Shani’s favor.
  7. Lighting Lamps: Lighting oil lamps, especially with mustard oil, is a traditional ritual. This act symbolizes the removal of darkness and the arrival of light in one’s life.

By participating in these traditions and rituals, devotees express their devotion and reverence for Lord Shani. These practices help individuals align themselves with the deity’s energy and invite his blessings for a smoother journey through life.

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Best Places to Celebrate Shani Jayanti in India

People across India celebrate Shani Jayanti with great devotion and enthusiasm. Several places are known for their unique and vibrant celebrations of Shani Jayanti 2024. Here are five places in India where you can experience the festivities and traditions dedicated to Lord Shani:

1. Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra:

Shani Shingnapur is famous for its Shani temple and unique tradition of not having doors on homes. The temple here attracts thousands of devotees on Shani Jayanti 2024. Throughout the day, people conduct special puja and rituals, offering black sesame seeds, mustard oil, and black clothes to Lord Shani. Devotees also perform abhishekam (ritual bathing) with oil and chant mantras.

2. Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh:

Additionally, The ancient city of Ujjain is home to one of the most revered Shani temples, attracting devotees from far and wide. On Shani Jayanti 2024, the temple is beautifully decorated, and special puja ceremonies are held. Moreover, Devotees can participate in abhishekam and offer special prayers to Lord Shani for protection and blessings.

3. Delhi:

In the heart of India’s capital, the Shani Mandir in Connaught Place is a prominent spot for Shani Jayanti celebrations. The temple adorns itself with decorations, and devotees gather to offer prayers and perform rituals. People organize special events like kirtans and bhajans (devotional songs), creating a spiritually charged atmosphere.

4. Mandapalli, Andhra Pradesh:

Mandapalli is known for its Shani temple, which attracts many visitors during Shani Jayanti 2024. Devotees offer special pujas and abhishekams to Lord Shani, seeking his blessings. Unique rituals include offering food, clothes, and other items to the deity, as well as distributing alms to the needy.

5. Shaneshwara Temple, Pavagadh, Gujarat:

The Shaneshwara Temple in Pavagadh is a significant pilgrimage site for Shani worship. During Shani Jayanti, the temple sees a large influx of devotees who come to offer prayers and perform puja. People carry out traditional rituals, offering oil, black sesame seeds, and clothes. The temple’s location on a hill also offers a scenic view for visitors.

These places provide a unique and spiritually enriching experience to celebrate Shani Jayanti 2024, allowing devotees to connect with Lord Shani and seek his blessings for a successful and harmonious life.

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Some Mantras to Recite on Shani Jayanti 2024

On Shani Jayanti 2024, reciting mantras dedicated to Lord Shani can offer various benefits, including protection from harm, reduction of obstacles, and promotion of good fortune. Here are three mantras you can chant on this special day, along with their respective benefits:

  1. Om Shanishcharaya Namah: Additionally, this mantra is a powerful invocation of Lord Shani’s presence and grace. By chanting this mantra, you can seek protection from negative influences and obstacles in your life. It helps balance the karmic effects and brings harmony to your path, thereby paving the way for success and prosperity.
  2. Om Pram Preem Praum Sah Shanaye Namah: This mantra resonates with the energy of Lord Shani and can help you overcome challenges and fears. By reciting this mantra, you invoke Shani’s blessings for strength and resilience. It can also assist in resolving conflicts, reducing tensions, and easing life’s hardships.
  3. Om Nilanjan Sama Bhutam Raviputram Yamagrajam: This mantra is known to bring clarity and focus to the mind. By chanting it, you seek guidance from Lord Shani for making wise decisions and choices. It can also enhance your patience and perseverance, enabling you to face life’s trials with calmness and confidence.

Reciting these mantras with devotion on Shani Jayanti 2024 can help you align with Lord Shani’s energy and invite his blessings for a smooth and fulfilling journey ahead.

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