Understanding The Impact Of Astrology On Our Lives

Understanding the Impact of Astrology on our Lives

Astrology has a profound impact on every aspect of the human body. According to Vedic Astrology, the basic health constitution of an individual, whether it is Vata, Pitta, or Kapha (types of prakritis), is related to the planetary influences in the birth chart. The most common health problems that people face include hair loss, premature baldness, excessive heat in the body, skin problems, weak digestive system, and many others. Let’s explore the Impact Of Astrology On Our Lives.

Hair loss, in particular, is a common issue even among young people. Despite seeking medical treatment, some individuals may still be looking for ways to improve their health. This is where Astrology can be of great help. Astrology can assist in finding the root cause of hair-related problems such as hair thinning, premature baldness, and dull hair appearance. It can also suggest astrological remedies to address these problems. For example, the malefic position of Saturn may cause premature baldness, while a weak position of Venus or Mercury placed in malefic houses can lead to hair loss. Similarly, the weak position of the moon may cause acidity problems, while constipation may be related to the position of Saturn in retrograde. Venus in a fire sign may produce intense heat in the body.

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