How to choose a baby name according to astrology?

How to choose a baby name according to astrology?

Are you a New-Mom or Dad or are you going to become one? In any of the two cases, you might be in search of a good name for your little one! If you are here, I will take yes as your answer and I must say you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss one can choose their birthstone baby names as per astrology.  Naming your child is a crucial process that demands a significant amount of research and thought. Your name becomes your and your kid’s identity and, through energy and vibrations, boosts your luck and optimism. Let’s explore how to choose a Baby Name According to Astrology.

Vedic astrology suggests that each zodiac sign has certain letters considered lucky. Parents widely use these letters to have a favorable influence on their child’s zodiac sign when choosing a baby name. The constellation in which the sun is on the day of your baby’s birth determines their sun sign or Rashi when naming a child, true believers in astrology consider the baby’s birth star, or nakshatra. The 12 zodiac signs, or rashis, correspond to the 12 constellations or houses that the sun transits through each year. The constellation in which the sun is when your baby is born determines your little one’s zodiac sign and your baby’s name according to astrology.

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Principles That Determine the First Letter of the Baby’s Name / Baby Name According to Astrology

First of all, Janam Nakshatranam, which includes the baby’s birth star or Nakshatra, planet positions, time, day of birth, and moon sign, is crucial. Additionally, Masa nama, representing the birth month, plays a significant role. Furthermore, Devata nama, indicating the family deity, is also considered. Moreover, Rashi nama, reflecting the child’s Zodiac moon sign, is another important factor. Lastly, Samsarika nama, represents the worldly name. It completes the five fundamental principles that govern what the first letter of the baby’s name should be. Here are suggestions about the starting letter of a name, which you can consider while choosing your zodiac baby names:

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

For Aries babies, the best starting letters for their names are A (), L (), and E or I (pronounced as ) .

Taurus (Vrishabh rashi)

When Taurus babies are named with letters B (ब), U (उ), or W (or V, pronounced as व) as their first letters, it is considered lucky.

Gemini (Mithun rashi)

They consider the starting letters Gh (घ), K (क), and Chh (छ) in Gemini or Mithun rashi lucky for them.

Cancer (Kark rashi)

Cancer or Kark rashi newborns are considered lucky if their names begin with D (द) or H (ह).

Leo (Singh rashi)

Letters like M () and T () for the starting of their names are considered lucky for Leo baby

Virgo (Kanya rashi)

Children with the zodiac sign Virgo are fortunate when spells begin with the letters P (प), T (ठ), and N (ण).

Libra (Tula rashi)

Babies whose zodiac sign is Libra, or Tula rashi, the suitable letter for their names to start would be R ( ) and T ().

Scorpio (Vrishchik rashi)

If Your baby’s zodiac sign is Scorpio then his/her name should start with N () and Y ().

Sagittarius (Dhanu rashi)

Names beginning with Bh (), Dh ( or ) and Ph or F (pronounced ) are appropriate for kids born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Capricorn (Makar rashi)

Suitable Starting letters for Capricorn babies are Kh () and J () .

Aquarius (Kumbh rashi)

Aquarius kids should start their first letter with the letters G (ग) and Sh (श or ष), which are considered great for them.

Pisces (Meen rashi)

Names beginning with Ch (), D (), Jh (), and Th () are suitable for a baby whose zodiac sign is Pisces.

One should devote sufficient time to all conversations and considerations, as a lucky name is associated with good karma. Moreover, in order to select that one great name that can help improve the life of the young champ.

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